Battlemap: Citygate by day and night

Hello World,

Another one from my older maps. This time a medieval citygate. I used it during an attack on the town. As I was not sure when it should occur I made two version, night and day. I just realized that there are artifacts in them. They where not visible when I printed them out. If you put a grid on it in a VTT they should be invisible too. Enjoy!

Citygate by night

Citygate by day

Done in Dundjinni, items and textures community made.

Read you soon.


  1. Cool, love the inclusion of the light source/radius.
    Ever since I ran a solo adventure for my Rogue player (where light and shadows where very important), I’ve tried to make a point of putting the location of light sources on my maps. It’s not always important, but it nice to have when you need to know (and I find it helps immerse the players as well).


    • I agree, lightning is very important and I learned early that it can drastically change the behavior of the characters. I tend to only show the most intense area of light as I find the maps look bland if I stick to the ranges in the rules. And it makes the maps much more interesting to look at.


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