Savage Worlds: Generic Sci Fi Setting – Weapons and Armor

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I am not sure why but lately I am enamored with the idea of SF campaign. Sadly my players are a wee but resistant. but since when did actually GM prep have anything to do with upcoming games right? It is fun! So I started to jot down some ideas here and there. For now I have some thoughts on personal weapons and armor. Do you want to know more?

Science Fiction Setting musings

Weapon Types


Blaster weapons use a miniature graviton generator to produce a highly concentrated beam of gravitational energy. The beam generates a sound in the lower band frequency that can cause nausea in addition to pain in the victims. This side effect can actually be used to stun enemies instead of killing them outright. The weapon is safe to fire inside spaceships as the hulls can absorb the force of the blast. Personal shields can deflect the gravitational hit and even padded armors protect the wearer from blaster fire. Blaster weapons are the most commonly used weapon in the cluster.

Game effect: Weapons have a switch to change between the stun and kill setting.


Disintegrators create a nano particle beam. The nano particles swing in a frequency that disrupts the atomic connections within elements. That enables the beam to penetrate even the hardest material and cause horrific wounds. A critical hit could vaporize a whole person. Creating the ammunition is a complex lab process and is very rare. Due to the inherent dangers these weapons are banned in the cluster and shunned by all species. Being caught with one is a sure way of getting into trouble with the local authorities. Ship hulls can be penetrated by the beam, please do not fire one in space! Only terrorists and some ruthless Pirates continue to use these dastardly weapons.

Game effect: Weapons have a high AP value, Rare ammo.


A Laser weapon uses specially cut industrial crystals to focus a high-powered beam of light into a deadly laser streak. The user can adjust the weapons power consumption rate to control the weapons output. Alliance manufactured space ships all have coated walls that absorb laser Fire. Personal shields can absorb the damage but only specially coated armor provides any protection.

Game effect: User can choose to use 1-3 shots to cause 1-3d6 damage


Pellet guns use pressurized gas to fire capsules filled with small ceramic balls. Due to the force of the launch the capsule shreds with a loud boom as soon as it leaves the weapon and releases the pellets into a small cloud. Originally these were built to be safely fired in spaceships before ablative coating was widely available. As such pellet weapons have a trouble breaching any kind of armor but shields are absolutely useless against them.

Game effect: Breaches shields, Shotgun

 Melee Weapons:


These specialized melee weapons use different focus crystals to create independent charged particle beams that connect in a predefined distance of the hilt and neutralize each other out. They come in various shapes and sizes, from a two-handed sword to a tiny dagger. The small iterations are relatively common and mass-produced while full-sized swords are very rare to come by. You will have to get one personally crafted. Armor that protects from laser fire does also protect against these energy blades.

Game effect: Only anti laser armor protects.


As the name suggests these weapons are not actually sharp but dangerous because of their fast vibrations that lets them cut through most materials. However they need batteries to run. Without power they are blunt objects that may cause bruises but do not cut anyone.

Game effect: high HP, Battery empty on crit fail.


-Infantry Armor

These military armors are not available to the public. Each one has  a DNA link to the person wearing it. The armor consists of padded areas and hard shell pieces that can protect the wearer from a multitude of different damage types.

Game effect: Protects against Blaster, Laser and Pellet Weapons

-Padded Armor

This armor is hardly more than a padded out pilot suit. It offers minimal protection against blaster fire but enough against pellet weapons.

Game Effect: Protects against Blaster and Pellet Weapon

-Coated Vests

A Chestplate made from composite plastics with ablative coating. It is only effective against laser weapons and can be worn above most clothing.

Game effect: Protects against Laser Weapons

-Personal shield generators

This new development utilizes alien tech. They first appeared in the rim areas a few month ago. The Alliance is scrambling to catch up with the development and tries to uncover their source. Only small quantities are sporadically available on the black market.

Game effect: Protects against Blaster, Laser and Disintegrator Weapons

Why I want to use different damage types? For me they are a staple of SF TV series and movies and I like to have some tactical choices for my players to make. I think these are minor enough that they should not slow the game down too much. And yes, I usually start my settings with the equipment the characters will wear.It helps me visualizing the rest of the universe. I have some back story in mind already but so far have not written it down. All in all it will be a very generic setting that liberally steals from Star Wars and a hint of Firefly.


  1. Sure thing. Would love to see more. I have only occasionally tinkered with SF, over the years.

    Briefly played TSR’s “Star Frontiers”, when it was first released and was in a Hero System reboot of Battlestar Galactica back in like 1992. That’s about it. Always had an interest in Traveller but just never could drum up interest.

    What kind of an alien situation are you considering?


    • Heh Traveller was insane IMHO. I had a lot of fun reading it. I “fondly” remember random character creation was nuts, you could die before the game even started! And we where so gullible we actually started over. Good times.Most of my friends are not really into SF but I hope I can convert them some.

      There will be several races but they will be mostly handled like classic fantasy races. There is no classic racial divides or empires, but rather everyone is living everywhere. Pretty much like in Star Wars but with a lot less variety for sanity sake. However I will simply allow my players to tell me what they want to play and create a race accordingly. I hope to expand the galaxy piece by piece that way.


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