[Savage Worlds] Streets of Bedlam Kickstarter Update

Hello again,

something that just popped up and I had to post about: The Streets of Bedlam Kickstarter I posted about a while ago has reached it´s basic funding goal a long time ago and with bonus milestones already reached 8000 USD, that is already a great achievement in itself. We not only get the Basic Rulebook but also a 5 story supplement now! With this success they just added a very short-term extra reward if we manage to hit 10K funding: An exclusive Streets of Bedlam Soundtrack! If you are a RPG music nut like me that is brilliant news! An example can be heard in their promo trailer. The challenge: There is only one day left to reach that goal! As of this post the timer reads 25 hours left. Details about all of this and the game itself can be read on the Streets of Bedlam homepage. Tell your friends, get involved if you haven´t yet, it is a great deal.

Until next time.