Savage Worlds continues to impress

It has been a bit more then a year now since I stopped using Savage Worlds. While I played D00lite in the meantime my main go to system was Barbarians of Lemuria. While it is a great, easy going, system I do miss some of the crunchiness of Savage Works and especially the fantastic range of available material and settings. There is nothing to compare to Savage Worlds out there at the moment with the same amount of medium crunch I so like. It is just too sad that my main group of players simply are not enjoying Savage Worlds as much. Still, I am looking at SaWo with renewed interest, a very big reason being Savage Lankhmar. I am looking at the catalog of Savage Worlds Products and I feel an aching that I missed so many great releases. But heck, my whole shelf is full of games I never play, so I might as well continue to support Pinnacle with my wallet. Between the Last Parsec, ETU and now Lankhmar there is a lot of stuff I need to catch up on that just looks great. And maybe I need to start looking for some new players as well as some more free time…

What have you been playing in the last year?


  1. I came to Savage Worlds after playing Pathfinder for a year and then using Hero System for a while. I’m completely sold on Savage Worlds. It offers me the flexibility of Hero System and far better balanced characters than Pathfinder. Class-and-level systems really irritate me with the power bloat, and Hero System requires the entire group to be invested in knowing the rules, and mine wasn’t. So we’re currently playing Broken Earth, and I’ve done a one-shot in Interface Zero, soon to be followed by one in Necessary Evil. SW is everything I’ve ever wanted in a system, and I’ve been RPing for 30 years.


  2. I just got Savage worlds, and I love it. My main group plays D&D 5e right now, but I play SW with a smaller group of friends. I like how quickly you can scrap together a campaign. Even though D&D 5e is my main system right now, I will definitely be playing plenty of SW in the future.


  3. I’ve been playing SW since it’s first iteration. I’m also a fan of BoL and just getting on-board with d00lite. I’m presently in the process of concluding an Agents of Oblivion campaign for one of my game groups and we will then likely start playing some Rippers (a few of us got hooked on Penny Dreadful). We’re also waiting for the hard-copies of The Last Parsec. So, lots of SW for me and yet…I’m now leaning more towards BoL and d00lite. As my AoO campaign got the PCs closer and closer to becoming Legendary the game become more and more complicated to manage. I like a bit of crunch in my games as well but I now think that, with a few house-rules of my own, BoL will become one of my go-to systems. D00lite is definitely one I will want to use for modern settings (along with the old James Bond RPG and it’s revised Classified version) and I will continue to use SW – just not as much as I have in the past.


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