So, whats going on?

Well, the last year was a quiet one for me. I did not write any games and did not feel I had much to say on the games of others. I dipped my toes into PbtA games as well as Fate and enjoyed them both for what they are. But they never kindled my “Hacker” flame. I am playing Conan 2D20 in a regular online group with a few chaps from the UK and overseas since over a year now. Met them for Dragonmeet in December.  Sadly not any face to face games since many month. But for a good reason: Since January I am father of a beautiful Girl. Happy & exhausted at the same time is weird! The sleep deprivation a newborn brings has led me to create some small RPGs based on minimald6. Need to keep the brain busy. I will give them one more once over and then Post them on here piece by piece. After that we will see where this leads.


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