Barbarians of the Crawl

After my post yesterday I realised I had never actually shared my Barbarians of the Crawl hack here on my blog, just on G+. So here it is.

BoL in its primary iteration is a heroic sword and sorcery game with very competent, larger than life heroes. A classic Dungeoncrawl game is deadlier, the heroes are a bit less competent to start out with. It also usually features more widespread and commonly used magic. This is what this hack is trying to emulate. I have been inspired by countless OSR games, especially DCC and Lamentations of the Flame Princess. Sometimes you will find Rules flagged as optional. You can choose to use these or ignore them. The latter is actually applicable to everything herein. Take what you want and leave out the rest. I have tested it only with all non-optional rules in place. I suggest you try something out first before removing it. Hopefully you find everything in here for some epic crawls in dark places.


Barbarians of the Crawl download


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