My minimald6 games: Riders

The series to introduce my minimald6 games continues with the third game.

Download Riders!

This game is actually a port of an earlier game I wrote for D00lite, Riders, my take on Motorcycle Clubs inspired by Sons of Anarchy. This was a relatively quick conversion, considering the ease of the minimald6 system and the fact I had a lot of stuff already written out for the D00lite version.

I experimented with “Skills as Attributes” in this game and repurposed the Coterie rules from Fangs for the Motorcycle Club. I also introduce consequences for long term wounds and higher damage weapons in Riders. I felt it was important that damage should not be shrugged of but influence a characters behaviour and abilities for quiet some time.

Of course it also comes with an adventure generator and character sheet. To ride click here or on the image in the top left to download the game for free.

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